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hey.. tis bev your poetry mod... i thought i'd post a poem up here so you guys can trash it or like it... doesnt matter well here goes:

i run through the woods
twigs from trees hitting my bare arms
theres something chasing me in the shadows
i try to run but it's no use
it keeps following me
wanting it to make me its slave
trying to destroy my innocense
i keep running
running from this figment of my imagination
the shadow in my mind that tells me i'm not good enough
the voice in the back of my head telling me to quit
"why won't you leave me alone'
i screamed as i collapsed to the ground
"why do you haunt my dreams
and steal everything from me
why won't you leave alone?"
from out of shadows came a hooded figure
his piercing silver eyes glowed as they looked through me
looking right through my soul straight to my core
i sat crying as i tried to crawl away
but it was futile
he grabbed my wrist and pulled me up towards him
"i'm not a figment of your imagination
that steals your dreams away
i'm here to protect you from him
i'm just here to make the pain go away"
his voice smoother than silk managed to calm her tense nerves
as she tried to stop the tears falling from her eyes
"then you aren't a figment of my imagination" she whispered to her unknown protector
"no i'm not but he won't hurt you anymore"
he gently took her hand and sweeped her up into his arms
as he took her away from the shadow lurking in the woods


i give it a 3

well later

-the poetry mod-

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